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Baskerville Lane

Hamilton Properties was established in 1998.

The company started to focus on high quality residential 'new build' in 2003/4, and since that time has constructed over 35 homes in and around the Henley on Thames area.

Using the services of local craftsmen, builders, and suppliers, a trusted working network has evolved, which combines skill and expertise, with an excellent service for the consumer.


Our 'Mission Statement' has always been paramount within the Hamilton 'family'...

- to identify the most exclusive and suitable development locations.

- to construct, in an environmentally friendly manner, high quality homes for our expanding client base.

- to ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business, achieved through customer satisfaction in all areas.

- knowing that the quality of our product - our houses - depends more on the interplay of disciplines and components, than it does on the components themselves.


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